Do You Remember Poem by Matloob Bokhari

Do You Remember

Do you remember the night, we walked hand in hand?
Do you remember the sound of your rhythmic steps?
Do you remember the hearts filled with loving dreams?
Do you remember the midnight stars glistening and singing?
Do you remember the fragrance of sandal trees in the air?
Do you remember souls uplifted- walking upon moonbeams?
Do you remember souls wandering above star shine?
Do you remember jackals howling at mid night?
Star of stars, I remember millions of memories.
I remember your fluffy hair, rosy lips, your sparkling looks.
I remember your soft blushes; face quivering in the moon.
I remember your white arms round my waist; your sweet dimpling smile.
I remember your lily- white cheeks rouged by kisses.
I remember your solace embrace under odorous tree.
I remember your words sweeter than heavenly music.
I remember the silent language of love muted all the music.
I remember your gazing in the air; dragging steps; Ah, depart.
I remember your sullen cares; greed of your father.
I remember the stormy night; your marriage with gold.
I remember your sighs, weeping with sea-eyes.
I remember your lonely journey through sadness.
I remember the wan depression had dimmed your radiance.
I remember your suffering from tuberculosis.
I remember your counting days to meet your Creator.
I am on your grave with withered flowers in my hand.
My life is a vale of tears, full of thorns of sorrows.
You are in grave, but still smile in my dreams.
You are my first thought in sunrise, last in sunset.
In realm of rest is written pearly white on your red coffin:
'No maiden shall ever be sold for money. O! My dear, very dear father.'

Veronica Benson Mullins: Such an impactful piece Matloob.Full of so many emotions and so descriptive. I really like your work.
Sandra Delussu: what a beauty and what a sadness this crazy rule!
Madan Gandhi: A poignant heart-touching poem, competently crafted.
Laura Bailey: So very sad yet brilliantly evocative!
Habib AbodunrinZakari: This is sure a masterpiece.
Laura Grillo Laveglia: Excellent my friend! ! This is a beautiful poem, but my heart cries for you!
Alma Delacruz Gossman: Well done, evocative and loving ~ crafted with care and engaging...
Sand Tucker: May I just say this floored me? So much emotion and passion, such sadness and indignation. Most excellent, Matloob.
Tod McNeal: The circle of life in poetry...with a sidebar on arranged marriage seems. 'You are in grave, but still smile in my dreams.' Hope you will tell us more about the inspirations for this poem Matloob! ?
Gloria Rodikis: Oh it's a lovely romantic poem, as beautiful as a clean air!
Kristy Raines: Nicely expressed, Matloob. Very Sad. I could feel the pain. It's a wonderful write Matloob! !
Michele Vizzotti-White: Wow this is intense, You are an amazing writer like Ernest Hemingway
Farzana Altaf: Brilliant MatlloobBokhar Sahib, you have unique way of expressing yourself in poetry. I look forward to your poetic endeavors because I know that they'll be fascinating quality read.
Isabelle Black Smith: Wow! What a truly touching and heartfelt write, Matloob. Such a sad, yet poignant tale. I love this line most especially...
'I remember the silent language of love muted all the music.'
Your closing imagery coupled with your final words is so very powerful: An amazing poem you have woven here, my friend. Bravo! ! Blessings
Zeest Khan: Made me speechless. I have no words to praise it. It's heart touching indeed sir first time aiknayeandaazmeinbaapsymohbt k ezhaarkijalakdaikiaap poetry ki book ku publish nhekrawaty?
Jennifer Long: oh my... what a write... such passion and purity... love it so much! It brings tears to my eyes... so passionate and filled with love.
Gloria Rodikis: It's lovely and enfolded in woeful romanticism!

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