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Dogs, Cats, And Donkeys Are Delicious Meals To Hungry People In Our Time And Our Broken Age

It is unbelievable to happen, but It happens these days and only in Our days that there are hungry people And they are fed on dogs, cats, and donkeys, Pretty people used to be, but they are now In complete misery and their delicious food Is made from normal animals we have them in Our yards anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, I do not believe that hungry people are fed On cats, dogs, and donkeys in our age! O miserable world! We all watch what's going On in our world, but without any care, We are all guilty of our greed and our selfishness Because we let hungry people eat tame animals, All the world is incapable of doing anything To these starving people in a ruined region, We all eat KFC and all delicious kinds of food Except these hungry people are fed on dogs, cats, And donkeys in our time and in our miserable age, We will not be pretty people until we help these Hungry people who are starving to death everyday! O world! Please save these cats, dogs, and donkeys For a pretty time and not for any food, O world! Save the pretty souls of these hungry People before it's over anytime and anywhere.