Don'T Call Me Duaghter Poem by Samantha Collins

Don'T Call Me Duaghter

your my father
but not my dad.

i'm your child
but not your duaghter.

to you i'm just one more bill
you have to pay, and
i'm just another burden
in your life.
you've always been too busy
too unaware of me;
and now that your gone
i'm left in pieces, pieces so small
no one can see them.
so no one, not even you
knows how shattered i really am.

Unwritten Soul 08 July 2010

Good work to release what was clotted in your heart for so long... is it a real stories? But this hate never tame if u keep this on...Maybe your father is wrong but gently talk to him what is going on? tell him you love him and ask him for his existence of love to u..all can be nice if u and father talk nice, because sometimes parent can go wrong, but not realized that that is actually till u meet happiness, keep strong... just hold more time, express and love will be yours..good luck!

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Nooruddeen Mm 06 July 2010

Samantha, Poem is good. You express your feelings. But is it only a literary work? or.... You have to be a bit more optimist, if your answer is 'No' Rgds Nooruddeen

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