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I am blind
but I don't need my eyes to see
what this place has become.
I can see the love and the hate

i open my eyes to see everything pass me by;

i see my dreams
and my mistakes.

your my father
but not my dad.

i'm your child

we all are born with a light cast over us
and this light follows around like our shadow
but it changes based on the way we live
and the way we are.

I know it's no surprise
you knew what i was
you chose to get closer
to let me believe.


and when i look at you
I can't see your imperfections
and everything seems to
fade away, away.

When your busy taking care of everyone else
you lose yourself.

your wishes become the needs

your no where, when your anywhere
your everywhere, when your no where
you don't know if up is down
or left is right.

As long as the sun shines through, My love will be waiting for you.

The last love i had
left me on my knees

I can't be happy
for i don't understand.
It's like a foreign island to me
a place i'd like to be

you say you can't handle me
the way i feel
the way i act
the way i live,


sometimes i wish that something worse
would happen in my life.
that way you could stop seeing how mad
you are at me


is someone's excuse
for not accepting reality.


it's the way your brown eyes
sting my heart,
and the way your bright smile
breaks me down.

Love is
wanting to spend forever together.

Love is

your the reason i'm still breathing
your the reason i'm still believing,
your the reason i get up, and go to bed
your the only thing that keeps me

she had love in her eyes
and hate in her heart.

she had fear on her mind

it's the way your everything to me
when i want you to be nothing.
you hold more power to my life
that god himself.


I have a heart
cuase i'm meant to love
so why will no one love me?

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I am blind
but I don't need my eyes to see
what this place has become.
I can see the love and the hate
the happy and the sad.
I see true love fade from soul-mates
and continuous fights between mom and dad.

I also see one more thing
that everyone seems to overlook
a little girl, all alone
caught up in it all.
they selfishly chose their lives
over hers and
left her with nothing, at five years old.
She'll grow up strong because
of what she went through
wit a druggy mom and
an abusive dad
they took everything, and wanted more
not thinking about the future.

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Samantha Collins Popularity

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