Don'T Leave Me, Daddy Poem by Tiana Webb

Don'T Leave Me, Daddy

I look back at all the things we have been through
And all the times I've told you I love you

I remember all the good times we've had
But I also remember the bad

I wish you really knew how much you mean to me
But every time I try to tell you, you tell me tell me you can see

But what can you see? What do you mean?
Why don't you want me to tell you the truth?
I may not be little but I'm only fifteen
What do you want? More proof?

I wish upon a star every night before I go to sleep
That you will get better and I won't have to weep

I cry every night for you, and for the mess that is my life
And it hurts to know you are the main cause of all this strife

You can't help that you're sick and I know that sounds so selfish
But why can't I I have one wish, one single wish

To make you better and to make you stop treating me
Like something you hate, and stop hurting me, and looking down at me

Just because I actually care about you
Doesn't mean you get to do
Anything you want me
And getting my friends and family to hate me

I've been trying to be
Different to make you see

How much I love you
So will love me too

And I'm trying not to cry
As I explain the reason why

You the most important person to me
No matter how much you might hate me
And I will do everything I can do
So I will not have to deal with losing you.

I love you too much for that.

Devon P. John 05 February 2013

thats a nice group of paragraphs for a dad... i love it ddp

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Xelam Kan™ 30 November 2012

How much I love you So will love me too............... You the most important person to me No matter how much you might hate me so sweet and very special for you dad, he should be proud of you........... bring tears and made heart melting.., every line of your is full of love.i pray you would have your love for ever, (amen)

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