Thank You Poem by Tiana Webb

Thank You

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Thanks for those who hated me;
You made me a stronger person.
Thanks for those who loved me;
You made my heart grow fonder.
Thanks for those who envied me;
You made my self-esteem grow stronger.
Thanks for those who cared;
You made me feel important.
Thanks for those who entered my life;
You made me who I am today.
Thanks for those who left;
You showed me nothing lasts forever.
Thanks for those who stayed.
You showed me the true meaning of
Love and Friendship

Ben Burger 08 April 2012

This poem is beyond words that could give it justice for it's true brilliance. I haven't been on poem hunter in a while, and you the first person i messaged (Aussie rep) and by chance I chose this poem. I don't know why, maybe Fate, because i love. Very rarely, if ever do i read a poem on poemhunter from a member and go Wow, I like that. That's a good poem and I don't do ti for a reason. There aren't many poems that i find exceptional and meaningful whilst being perfectly executed.. The poem is universal. Yes, I know that's a big word, but it's nothing short of that title. It can relate to anyone. No, sorry, it WILL relate to EVERYONE. The writing is simplistic yet displays the complexity of brilliant poetry enabling even the dullest characters to understand. The writing style is similar to some of my poems (Not that i can compare) and maybe that's why I think it's so perfect. This poem is going on favorite poems list, and I have printed it of to go on my wall next Invictus, Homecoming and other brilliant poetry for one reason. It is perfect. Thank you, for sharing.

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Ramesh Rai 05 April 2012

thanks for sharing poem. ur poem teaches, always say thanx. great idea. i will like to follow. great write also. top marks.

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Ineffable Kebbs 05 April 2012

tiana have considered looking into lyrical poetry- it seems to suites your mind set may be for now as you grow you will find that focus to which you can stand claim. otherwise the poem has lines that have been reiterated by others and unsurprisingly the same way

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