Don'T Mess With Old People Poem by Christine Kerr

Don'T Mess With Old People

Rating: 4.7

Just minding my business on my front porch
A young man struts by carrying a torch
He winks at me with a crazy stare
As I sit here in my rocking chair

This little pervert
Enjoys being bold
Playing the innocent
Teasing the old

Day after day, he has nothing to say
I try hard not to look his way.
He'll throw a kiss
Lick his lips,
Shake his hips,
All the time a grinnin

Little does he know,
That I may be old,
I can be bold,
Show him a jerk,
Lift my skirt,
I'm still fine and dandy.

So, come here little boy
Gran-ma's got some candy.

David odinaka nwoke 21 March 2022

Great poem, so funny too... maybe i do recitation of this poem with a little video.

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Good on you Christine! Grannies of today are not what they used to be sitting in old rocking chairs. I can see it all. Your writing is witty and wonderful. 10 Karin Anderson

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Saadat Tahir 14 June 2009

hi your bio too...tomboy, 53 who the foible says u old.. exquisite poem...had me laughing there...rare treat... a pleasant departure from the viscous gooey and humid stuff hanging out there in the marshes to my favs...... an ill pay u cheers an! ! be hearing more from me

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Shashendra Amalshan 28 May 2009

wow...that's simply entertainig indeed..nice one..thank you for the entertainment Chris 10++

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