Extroverts Verses Introverts Poem by Christine Kerr

Extroverts Verses Introverts

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Extroverts are energized by talking with others,
I'm sure, one snuck up inside my mother.
Being an Introvert, It's easy to see,
Extroverts will drain the life from me.

Oh how I wonder what I might say,
When, this person comes walking my way.
The Extrovert wonders why I'm sitting alone,
When they can talk, using many tones.

Papa hits his head on the floor.
Extroverts will tell you with all of their gore.
Introverts will give you a small grin.
Say it quick, to make it all end.

Give me a book, give me a bath.
We're all alone, finally at last.
One on one is all I need,
Be it with you or be it with me.

I listen to you till end of day,
Always wanting to have your say.
You act and speak without thinking,
Your silence is so hard, in the keeping.

The only difference between you and I,
My need for privacy in case I cry.
At end of day, You can't get by it.
Finally alone....I enjoy the quiet.

Shashendra Amalshan 28 May 2009

well I ll tell a qutation from a movie I watch recently..called Painted Veil..it is a popular one..may be you v watched it 'Kitty Fane: It's raining cats and dogs. Kitty Fane: I said it's raining cats and dogs. Walter Fane: Yes, I heard you. Kitty Fane: You might have answered. Walter Fane: I suppose I'm not used to speaking unless I've something to say. Kitty Fane: If people only spoke when they had something to say, the human race would soon lose the power of speech' well I got this one saved...I sometimes do that I mean..it is okay I mean..I act as an extrovert sometimes...sometimes I say nothing and keep them for myself..I dont know what is right....but too much talk is not good too.... anyway nice one..10++

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Louis Rams 25 April 2009

p.s. a ten for this one

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Louis Rams 25 April 2009

the extroverts at least have kept you alive long enough for you to cry. as an introvert cry if you must but in an extrovert, DO NOT put your trust. this one is gr8t (am i being an extrovert) ha-ha

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Wojja Fink 25 April 2009

Finally alone....I enjoy the quiet. and so full of joy on a loud mouth free diet...lol.......don't they just...

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