Doors Opening

Rating: 5.0

What would I be without the doors that opened to me?
I knew of no-one like me.
I didn’t live in a village,
Though at times it really felt like it.
I knew that gay people existed,
With people like Graham Norton on TV,
Followed by Queer as Folk.
I just didn’t know where to go,
So I understand that people can get lost in themselves.
Once again I give thanks to the internet,
A new world at my fingertips.
A world that was always there,
Waiting to be found.
My life changed,
The door to me had been opened.
I found myself in London Soho,
Hitting the clubs,
The lights and loud music.
Not one but hundreds of people like me.
I could not help but cry my first night out,
This place, my life had always been here.
I missed out on so much,
So every week I found myself out.
Dancing the night away,
With people like me.
Still I was missing something.

Lare Austin 05 February 2005

Hi Joe...very well written...very well put...this is a message needed to be said...needed to be read...well done... Lare Austin

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