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Doubt, Fear And Faith

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I doubt you will read this
I don’t believe this is of any use
I can’t concede this is a worthy verse
I don’t think I could do any worse
I never will be right
When I just can’t see any light
When I am so unclear
When I am far from your love
When I am gripped by fear
I never will be true

If I do not have faith in You.
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David Harris 14 May 2007

David, doubts and fears always cloud uncertain minds. Faith is what we need to do what we want to do. Before coming to PH my mind was clouded with self doubt, fear of not having the potential to be good enough with my writing. In fact for a number of years I actually gave up writing. I said I would never never write again. I came along put up a few old poems and the comments I got on them gave the confidence I need and the faith in myself grew after that. The rest is history as they say. Good point raised with this poem. Top Marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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JoAnn McGrath 04 May 2007

Have to agree with Marci on the hope thing....Hope never abandons you...you abandon it and faith as well...fears and doubt...well we are only human....I think a prayer for strength needs to be said for that poem: O)

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Marci Made 04 May 2007

Faith is a hard thing to hold on to at times as is Hope. And doubt and fear are always going to be a part of life..There is no doubt or fear therein of the poetry and words that come from you. They are always good and often uplifting for one who is down. This is well written David, straight from your heart to the page.~~~~~marci.xo

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Marvin Brato 04 May 2007

Whatever one does in life, it take faith to do it right and well... just as you described it! Good thought David! Tnx.

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