Down In My Tomb Poem by merry(merrypens) virgo

Down In My Tomb

I lie here in my tomb with pain and lassitude
Dreaming hopeless dreams
That will never bring me affection or gratitude
Dead I am this is what it seems

Down here with me there is a flaccid cool and serenity
With it there is this lifeless quietude
I think I am into fatality
Though I can’t see an end for my turmoil of turpitude

In earth I was despondent
I was scorned and I was in disdain
Nowhere I have found an altruistic benevolent
Who would be the rectifying panacea for this pain?

When I saw your holy feature
I gleamed with a faint aspiration
That you would be the panacea for this ailed creature
But it was fake and yet again I was in ruination

I thought it would start when I come to you
But it was hopeless
As my dreams were not getting true
And I remained loveless

You ignored me with a pitiless humanity
Saying I am not worth your love and infatuation
I was pained seeing your pitilessness and your cruelty
That made me choking and be in endless suffocation

Right now, my tomb is decaying away
With my battered and frayed remains
Still my soul is in dismay
I am here blinded in chains

One day I would meet you on the boulevard of afterlife
That day I will have affection and gratitude
And for it you will ask me and you will strive
Then I won’t leave you with a pitiless inhumanity
As I will love you and end your turpitude
Till then I lie here,
In my tomb….with pain and lassitude……..

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