Last Goodbye Poem by merry(merrypens) virgo

Last Goodbye

We laugh
Until we had to cry
We love
But no matter how we try
That you and i
Are not meant to be
We were the best
But we will never be

I should know first
The way of being hurt
Though it only felt sometimes
But the pain here deep inside
Is burning to my soul

I miss your love everyday
Maybe our love will come back someday
That all I can do is hope and pray

Though this feeling has been past
Sad to say that our love was last

You and I crying our cry
Saying our last goodbye
With tears in our eyes

Now that you’re gone
Tell me where I’m going through?
Why we had to say goodbye

Is it over now?
Are we really over now?

You walked away into my life
I can’t believe could it be true
Is it the way we wanted
That you and me is end

But now its turn for our last goodbye
With so much pain in our eyes

A million miracles but never stop the pain
A part of pieces together again
You said our love is more than time
But somehow look where we are now

We walked away and saying goodbye
Its crazy coz it’s breaking our heart
No words could ever say
This pain I feel is tearing me apart

Last goodbye, one last cry
I kiss you softly one last time
In my eyes you are the warm of the sun
In my heart you are the only one

Nobody could tell
That our love will last forever
But ill say goodbye, one last time
I love you Good bye...
by: merrypens :))

Merry Virgo 26 June 2010

yeah you are right... I wrote this after the night of saying goodbye to the one i loved before: (

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James Jordan 26 June 2010

I will assume that this poem is for a lover lost... It contains a certain innocence that bites my heart....

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