Journey Of A Water Drop Poem by merry(merrypens) virgo

Journey Of A Water Drop

I don't know how long it has been since my birth
Or how I began my watery life on earth,
I don't even know when the world was born
But I do know that my life goes on and on...

I hate faint memories of flowing in a once glistening stream
But however sad and pitiful it may seem,
Our lovely broke finally dried up in the drought
And in the end, there was no water for us to swim about...

I somehow rose into the open sky
And to the earth below I bid goodbye,
And I found my moist place in the clouds so high
And I waited patiently for the heavens to cry...

We flew over grasslands and hills
And meadows and mills,
We soared over forests and mountains
And flew past waterfalls and fountains...

All of a sudden the sky began to roar
And finally the clouds began to pour,
I, too, fell on the damp earth below
And landed on a Rose petal as soft as a pillow...

The delicate petal fell off as it couldn't bear my weight
It started drifting along the Ganges; a river so mighty and great,
I was lounging about for days in my soft little bed
On a lovely Rose petal, tender and red...

But good times don't last long
And now it is the end of my poetry and song,
For again I have to rejoin my place above
Above this enchanted world full of happiness and love...

So I shall repeat my life cycle again and again
But for what reason? For pain or for gain?
It remains a mystery that I do not know
But I do know this - my life goes on ever so...
by: merrypens :))

Gita Ashok 26 June 2010

A beautiful poetic interpretation of the water cycle! Extremely well written, great creativity and imagination in this autobiographical composition about a water drop. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing and sharing.

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Paul Judges 26 June 2010

A super poem

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