Downtime Poem by anais vionet


It's nice to have some holiday downtime and not be all go-go-go. I've even gotten in some Animal Crossing play. After 40 minutes of picking up weeds, Bianca, one of my villagers, told me she'd heard I was dead.

Later, we're in Lisa's living room taking turns playing songs from Spotify. Lisa had just played "Woo", by Rihanna. When the song ends, fading out, Leeza deadpan said, "That song is pure evil."

"You guys, I forgot to mention it but that is my energy song, it makes me feel so HOT." Lisa adds with a chuckle.
"It has an evil vibe, " I admit. "An evil vibe, " Leeza confirms.
"Don't be judging, " Lisa reminds us.
"Your next, " Lisa said, nodding to Leeza, "What've you got for us, " she speculates, "some mental health rock? "

Leeza's had this girl-punk-rock group called "Vancougar" playing on a loop in her room. At first, I wasn't enthusiastic but now I think they slay. Her mom's even gotten on board, dancing "the twist" to "Philadelphia" when it rolls around. Leeza has great taste in music although she leans a bit EMO (emotionally hard core) for me. She makes me feel old by introducing us to all these new bands like "Youngest and only, " "Calling all Captains" and "Beatrice Dear."

"I've got one song to play, " Leeza says, "Paparazzi, by Lady Gaga."
"I've been listening to that song all WEEK! " I gasp, "I love that song, it may be her best - that's so random, " I finish saying as the song starts.
As Paparazzi ends Lisa says, "That song has major Gwen Stefani vibes."
"It DOES, " I agree, "It could be "Cool" or "Sweet Escape."
"Yeah, for sure, " Leeza agreed, "shoutout to No Doubt."

Leeza says, "I have a conversation topic: What's something we all acknowledge is cheugy but we still do anyway? "
"Being blonde, " I say, which gets stitches of laughter because it's true and Lisa and I are.
"That's true, that's fair, " redheaded Leeza laughs. "Anyone blonde is dead to me, " which gets her a pillow in the face.
"Ok, I'm going to come for a lot of people, " Lisa says, "but yogurt, yogurt is cheugy."
Leeza gasps, "You think yogurt.. It's not cheugy! " she practically yells, "It gives MOM."
cheugy = something off-trend, or behind in an awkward way - millennial, but not fully vintage.
gives mom = a comfort activity

Wednesday, December 28, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: vacation,music,conversation,teen
anais vionet

anais vionet

Paris, France
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