Double Trouble Poem by anais vionet

Double Trouble

I was diagnosed with double-pneumonia on the 15th and classes started on the 17th. I'm already getting nagmail about assignments, yea! I'll be behind and virtual for a while. It started as a rhinovirus, honestly, I don't even remember being around a rhinoceros, but he trampled me good. (Hmm, song title there?)

I'm feeling better today, I can read without the room spinning - heck, I even managed to write this, but a new, implacable nemesis - low-energy - is here, like Lebron James, to check me when I attempt something over ambitious, like picking up my chemistry book. At least I got to stay in my room.

My roommate Sunny's so angry with a certain girl that *she* even thinks it's hilarious. Her creative, revenge beast has been awakened and her feelings are practically colors in the air. It's entertaining. I think if she saw her now - well, let's say Sunny takes boxing in the gym every morning. 'I'm over her already, ' Sunny announces, stomping around her room, trashing all reminders on contact.

Be careful out there, people - if love doesn't get you the rhino might.
**nagmail - mail about late assignments, class papers due, surveys*

Thursday, January 19, 2023
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Rob Lamberton 19 January 2023

Entertaining but sorry you got sick!

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Bri Edwards 19 January 2023

The rhino has stalked and stomped little anais real good.

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anais vionet

anais vionet

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