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I am a teacher by profession.....have done M.A in English Literature. Like to write as hobby. I am fond of observing and assimilating. My inspiration are my two naughty kids who give meaning to my life.I have changed my name on PH as I would like to adopt the pen name 'soulfulheart'. I am from India and live in a beautiful coastal place. I work at ...

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In Memory Of Yoonoos Peerbocus

I remember- My first timid venture at PH that
Hailed his first comment for this unknown being-
Words of inspiration, acquainting a humble guide;
And behold for me, a new vista opened-

Our Founder

Today as we remembered
Those bright eyes long away passed,

Childhood Poem-12

My Childhood Poem Collection -1

Have you ever seen?
Have you ever been?
Where I live, its home
Here my first smile shone.

My Childhood Poem 19

Says the girl: Come O dearest
Where are you
I can't wait any more
Waiting on this shore

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16 November 2014

bliss is for those who shun the crown weary are those who hang on to desires...

30 November 2014

Tough is that, which softens rather than break.

30 November 2014

Sunrise and sunset of life ploughs the hands of our clock till the ticking beat stops.

11 December 2014

Be not a crystal that can be broken into irrepairable splinters, Be a spring that bounces back everytime its twisted, bent or pushed.

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Gordon Tseng 30 November 2011

Just feel every moment Of our journey in the world, Unique or repeated, Real or illusive. Not knowing where from or where to go, Enjoying Being as a poet, You will not be alone.

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Jenie Franksay 30 March 2015

you are such a good poetess.. love your work..

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Akhtar Jawad 09 October 2014

She is a born poetess.

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Sanjay Mehta 09 May 2012

It happens so, because for 'few' you care more..........nicely knitted realities of life.

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Babatunde Aremu 10 April 2012

'Song of Life' is a fatal journey for mankind. Many sings few stanzas, while a few sings all. The poem encapsulates man developmental processes. The simplicity and familarity of the lyrics of the song makes it a necessity for literary mind to read and meditate on.

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Wahab Abdul 14 March 2012

The poetess is a talented one, she ponders on the intricacies of life very deeply, look at the poem the song of life, it is a marvellous poem.

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