Dr. Manjunath Desai - An Eulogy For Goa's greatest Cardiologist Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Dr. Manjunath Desai - An Eulogy For Goa's greatest Cardiologist

So many hearts still beating
which you had re-started and mended;
so many homes still cherishing
the kind work you have done
of saving their lives through surgeries
when their heart condition was so critical;
so many eyes saved from tears
as so many of those hearts still pumping;
so many still breathing
just because of you.
O doctor dear,
no words will be able to express
their inner gratitude to you
but silently I thank thee
with prayers so deep
and I want to tell you
that those hearts
still remember you
as you saved so many from dying
and those beating hearts are still here
keeping not just happiness afloat
but also preserving that memory of you
very close in their hearts
that every lip rushes to speaks
of appreciation they hold for you
and they tell others - if not for you
they would not be here
in their homes and
amidst their families!
And that journey of life
which was half-way traveled
was also a journey
allotted to you by God
to do all that you had to do
to show this wonderful world
that it is not just how we live
but it is what we do, that counts
as to help humanity
is our gift to God as a part of us belongs to God
and a part of us remains back on this earth
as a family, as a patient or as a survivor;
and empowered by God's consent
miracles can be performed by man,
some of which God had sanctioned to you
and for which the ripples of gratitude
will forever rise in those hearts
which will remember your compassion
until they beat with resilience and true gratitude;

Dr. Manjunath Desai - An Eulogy For Goa's
greatest Cardiologist
Thursday, October 28, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: tribute
Dr. Desai has performed thousands of life-saving operations. He and his team recently conducted a rare heart procedure on a 9-month-old baby to save his life. As a result of his acts, the people demand that the government acknowledge and honor him for his contribution to Goans.
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