Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar - The Voice Of Equality Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar - The Voice Of Equality

Many agendas, many improvements,
many developments, many enhancements;
progress, growth, expansion and everything
that encompass equality, justice and fairness
forever rolls in our great country called India;
even many of our leaders of the past struggled
to gain and grant to every citizen lowly or outcast,
underprivileged or shy, their right to equality;
one such person was Dr. Ambedkar
who hailed from a society called the Mahr Dalit -
the so called untouchable class.

What can ever make a human being an untouchable?
only the ones who so vigorously classify them
can answer this query which has hindered equality;
for man is born equal with all limbs and heartbeats
so similar to one and another
though in intellect and grace they may slightly differ.

But a man of courage and motivation
ventured out to qualify himself to clear the clouds
of indifference and discrimination
and he tirelessly worked to bring about
a change in the minds of those who condemned
a class of society called the untouchables
who are so created by the Almighty
with the same perfection as others on this planet
yet a classification, a conviction among people thrived
that the Dalits shall be the outcast race
which will not choose to come even an inch closer
or in the way of others as they thought
they were fit only to sweep the streets and the floors;

and such denunciation made them live
in condemnation and humiliation
until the day dawned
and when Dr. Ambedkar stood up for them
and spoke aloud about equality of rights
for those untouchables -
who could not lift their eyes above the ground
for being born as Dalits.

And that is what made Ambedkar
to reform and to rectify,
to modify and to correct
the inscription of jeopardy
from the minds of those who ostracized the Dalits
so that the future holds no humiliation for them
nor discrimination against them
as dignity is an award bestowed upon all
and it belongs equally to every single person
who alights on this planet
with two feet, two hands
and a face with two eyes to view others
with the same vision of equality and dignity
which they seek for themselves
and this is what Dr. Ambedkar promoted
in his endeavors for the Dalits.

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar - The Voice Of Equality
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