Dream House

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I wanted for us to have a house,
atop a hill on a mountain side.
I wanted the river, running untamed in its roaring majesty,
a splendid cascade of liquid ramifications.
At night, we would contemplate the fragrant
stars until the closest one would reverberate.
But you were gone before the dream house,
made of quality ethereal wood, was in place.
I kept building it with the designs
left behind by an architect of horizons,
what a dream it would be that house.
How much I would have loved for you to see it, to smell it, to taste the fireplace.
As I dreamt it would be, so it was.
As it has always existed in me,
long before we parted.
A house is all that sets apart your
proverbial paradise from my lovely earth.
Now that the house is no longer a specter,
yet now I want to reside in another time.
Because I know that the house I dream of now,
the one you no longer inhabit,
does live somewhere.
Just like the one I reside in now once did.

Tsira Goge 09 July 2008

Fine poems about huge and eternal feelings...10.... Tsira

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Greenwolfe 1962 09 July 2008

This has been a great day for creativity. This was a very special piece that shall always be a favorite of mine. What a wonderful expression of timeless love. GW62

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Darrell Rohling 03 October 2004

Very cool poem, keep 'em coming! Thanks for sharing it. DR

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