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The Three Little Pigs

Rating: 2.9

The animal I really dig,
Above all others is the pig.
Pigs are noble. Pigs are clever,
Pigs are courteous. However,
Now and then, to break this rule,
One meets a pig who is a fool.
What, for example, would you say,
If strolling through the woods one day,
Right there in front of you you saw
A pig who'd built his house of STRAW?

The Wolf who saw it licked his lips,
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Sidi Mahtrow 19 February 2011

Alas, when Red got back home, The tax man had left her a message on the phone, 'It's time to pay for the income you didn't declare For the government wants its rightly share.' 'Maybe we can negotiate the terms.' he said. 'There's really nothing to dread.' Just bring the coats and case and all And your red riding hood, as i recall. So Red arrived (wearing a wire) at the scheduled time And just before the end of this rhyme. Turned state's witness against those agents Who blackmail poor innocents. s

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Rod Mendieta 15 December 2016

This one's quite good. Where did it come from?

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Graeme Williams 11 June 2012

I just love the lines: Once more the maiden's eyelid flickers. She draws the pistol from her knickers.

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James Urwin 23 February 2013

The best poem ever...Flows good, funny and a pleasure as ever with RD to read...I just wish he wrote more.

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Primrose Tee 05 May 2014

hahahaaaa such humour filled poem.nice

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el wapo 24 November 2020

ho0ola no soy escritor

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bob marley 18 October 2020

piggy fat like if u agree

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bob marley 11 October 2020

i like pig because he fat

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Finn Dhupelia 09 September 2020

This poem is so entertaining that I chose to learn this one for school out of all the poems in the world.

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Nipun Agarwal 04 September 2019

This poem is very nyc

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