Dream's Journey Poem by Myrtle Thomas

Dream's Journey

Rating: 2.7

Dream's Journey

In the shadow of a dream
images of imagination cover the scene
fragments of thoughts and desire
reveal themselves in dynamic fire
visions behind the mind, deep in the heart
find their way to the surface for a memory to impart

In the mornings early hour, visions leave without thought
all the treasures of life hidden away and diligently sought
twilight over takes us, sometimes slowly or very swift
and to conjure up those dreams are at best set adrift

Fragments and splinters of the nights reflections
seem distant, unfounded without direction
lost now to time and forgotten space
no memory to capture or retrace

Time is indefinite as the places and the people in dreams we see.
But the recalling is untouchable, impossible and so I let it be.

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