Drifted Love Poem by Misnia Bahri Awaludin

Drifted Love

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Let love share and seek us with forgiveness
Let love fill us with secure around us
Let loves heal us as through the hours
like the lovebirds making love
with kisses of they're pointy beak
like the softest of the feathering doves
flying out in the open wide sky above us
like the reflections of a shaded of rainbow

after the rain in a daylight of the skylight
lovebirds are not necessary a birds in love
but actual meaning of a person that fall
in love's purest as pure as the beating
heartbeat like a soul unseeable like the
feelings can't be see but can be feel

between two person in love like the
deepest of a seabed that how deepest
the feelings drifted love's has a miracle
touched that cure secure us that never
change it's feelings through our lifetime

S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 08 August 2019

A lovely adorable poem of love. I liked the super cool pointy beak love birds reference in this wow. You write fantastic, keep it up!

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 30 July 2019

this is very nice I also composed on DRIFTING ONE DID U READ IT KINDLY ALSO MY MOMS SMILES U WILL LIKE IT THANKS IN ADVANCE 1000000000++++++++++++++ FOR THIS

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Thank you 😊 sure I will.

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