Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Drink Me Eat Me - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

the known world keeps
expanding contracting
with wondrous profusion

though potions drunk
wizard cakes eaten
are no longer necessary

when venturing through
kaleidoscopic looking glass
nor are rabbit holes needed

spy glass, magnifying glass, telescope,
microscope, radio telescope,
electron microscope, Hubble telescope,

amazing slices of perceived creation revealed,
expanding perceptions cosmic and microscopic
in a garden of rabbit hole worm hole replaced

an electron microscopic
images the sample surface
by scanning it with a high-
energy beam of electrons
in simple raster scan pattern

it’s a kind of magic?
funny how we are never
far from the garden?

A raster scan, or raster scanning?

analogy; raster graphics, pattern image storage
transmission; used in computer bitmap image
systems; raster from Latin rastrum (a rake)
seek meaning; derived from radere (to scrape)

knowledge back in the garden rake over meaning?

rake earth over seeds
seeds of embryo ideas
fertile bed scatter ideas
choice seeds will grow

the pattern left by the tines of a rake,
when drawn straight, lines of a rake,
resembles parallel lines of a raster,
line-by-line scanning creates a raster

a systematic process of covering
an area progressively, one line at a time
is the rectangular pattern of image
capture and reconstruction in television

although a great deal faster
similar in most-general sense
to how one's gaze travels
when one reads text a poem

rastrum, an instrument
for drawing musical
staff lines, as we seek
celestial music universe
composed, in cosmic song

funny how
a Hubble telescope
with glasses
ever more
detailed images

electron microscopy
a crystalline assembly
of electron diffraction
patterns of unstained

crystals show crystal
lattice sampling of
the coiled-coil molecular
transform to a resolution

beyond... a ‘spot-scan’
method of electron imaging,
micrographs of unstained
crystals have been obtained

that visibly diffract laser
light from crystal spacings
as small as... a projection
map was calculated to...

using electron diffraction
amplitudes and phases
from computer-processed
images, the projection map

clearly shows modulations
in density arising from...
the first time this type of
modulation has been revealed?

truly we tumble ever further
down the rabbit hole
in quest controlled descent

crystals have p2 plane group
symmetry examinations of tilted
specimens shows the unit cell
only singular one molecule thick

possible modes of packing
of molecules in three
dimensions are discussed

eat me drink me
in ever smaller bigger
increments seems
we ever more must

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

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    Hey Terence, great poem. I really liked it, it was a terrific infusion of science and literature. Please give my latest poem a read if you haven't yet! Please copy and paste this address to your address bar:

    http: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/thundering-youth/
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