Drinking Alone In The Moonlight Poem by Li Po

Drinking Alone In The Moonlight

Rating: 2.9

Amongst the flowers I
am alone with my pot of wine
drinking by myself; then lifting
my cup I asked the moon
to drink with me, its reflection
and mine in the wine cup, just
the three of us; then I sigh
for the moon cannot drink,
and my shadow goes emptily along
with me never saying a word;
with no other friends here, I can
but use these two for company;

in the time of happiness, I
too must be happy with all
around me; I sit and sing
and it is as if the moon
accompanies me; then if I
dance, it is my shadow that
dances along with me; while
still not drunk, I am glad
to make the moon and my shadow
into friends, but then when
I have drunk too much, we
all part; yet these are
friends I can always count on
these who have no emotion
whatsoever; I hope that one day
we three will meet again,
deep in the Milky Way.

Version 2
Beneath the blossoms with a pot of wine,
No friends at hand, so I poured alone;
I raised my cup to invite the moon,
Turned to my shadow, and we became three.
Now the moon had never learned about drinking,
And my shadow had merely followed my form,
But I quickly made friends with the moon and my shadow;
To find pleasure in life, make the most of the spring.

Whenever I sang, the moon swayed with me;
Whenever I danced, my shadow went wild.
Drinking, we shared our enjoyment together;
Drunk, then each went off on his own.
But forever agreed on dispassionate revels,
We promised to meet in the far Milky Way.

Sylvia Frances Chan 18 January 2024

Three Best friends, I know who the great poet meant. Lovely poem, sweetly worded, I have enjoyed tremendously.5 Full Stars for the great poet Li Po.

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Damion Hamilton 18 February 2018

Such an amazing poem. One of my favorites. Simple and profound. I get a religious feeling from it.

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* Sunprincess * 13 September 2015

....this is beautiful with some of the best friends ever ★

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Li Po

Li Po

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