Drops Of Poetry Poem by jim foulk

Drops Of Poetry

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Drops of Poetry,
on my mind,
soaking in memories,
of things I remember,
of long ago.

Pouring down drops
on to my heart, releasing
my inner thoughts,
from this soul I have,

to write things that
must be told,
love that escaped
from my life, never
more to be seen.

Hurt, tears, broken
dreams torn away
from me, like a falling
star that becomes
just dust in the air.

Drops of Poetry so
clear is it now,
my body so wet,
from these drops
of poetry that stands,

all around me,
in the mist that
i now see,
my whole body
has been cleansed,
from all of these
drops of poetry.

wrote 3-15-07

Brian Dorn 23 March 2007

Good stuff, Jim! Poetry does have a cleansing effect... your poem conveys this concept nicely. Well done! Brian

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Not a member No 4 16 March 2007

Funny how remembrance of love lost, missed, wasted inclines us to poetry and vice versa. Sorrowful and powerful images that find many echoes in this mind. Poetic and honest writing jim. Very touching indeed. jim

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Sandra Fowler 16 March 2007

Deep feelings, eloquently expressed. Our poems are the memories that live in the landscapes of our minds. Take care. Warm regards, Sandra

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Alison Cassidy 16 March 2007

Beautiful piece Jim filled with memorable images and a compassionate heart - as always. This is one of your best yet. love, Allie xxxx

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Alison Smith 16 March 2007

Interesting concept.... I like this very much Alison

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jim foulk

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