Childhood Faded Away Poem by jim foulk

Childhood Faded Away

Rating: 3.8

Childhood Faded away,
to a far away land,
simple, so simple were we,
Days of Play,
Going our Way,
Having fun, no care,
for another day,
time for us stood still,
playing king of the hill
Childhood Faded away
thinking of another day,
summer time was fine,
when friends were kind,
swiming holes were filled,
our hearts were thrilled
Childhood Faded Away
to a time that makes me sway
many years have passed away,
since childhood faded to another day,
Childhood Faded to places,
floating somewhere in time.

wrote 1-15-07

alice sunderland 17 January 2007

its a lovely piece jim. ending sad but true. nice one. al

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Patricia Gale 15 January 2007

Ah sweet memories of when life was so simple... delightful piece Jim.

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Soulful Heart 28 October 2014

nostalgic childhood memories.....i missed my childhood when my own kids were toddlers...

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Margaret S Scully 20 December 2012

you took me back to when i was a kid with i was a kid again

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Linda Weischedel 02 October 2007

Beautiful. You took me back to the days when everything was so carefree Jim. Thank you. Always, Linda

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Sandra Fowler 29 January 2007

What a fine, nostalgic piece. Thank you for sharing your wonderfujl memories with your readers. What you have put into a poem, can never truly fade away. Kindest regards, Sandra

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Charley60 K 24 January 2007

Yes, childhood faded and wonder some days where did it all go. I think too sometimes of all the things we use to do that was simply fun and so different than it is today. Seems sometimes like only yesterday-where did the time go. I loved reading this for it took me back to times that were more happy than they are today.

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jim foulk

jim foulk

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