Drowned Poem by Alicia Meyers


Lungs unable to breathe,
Sinking to the bottom of the water,
No one can hear me,
As I'm screaming yet I can't scream no more.

Eyes closed and water sneeks in,
Headed for the light at the end,
Dress is all ruined,
As I float around.

Why did you push me?
Put a bag over my head?
Suffocaded me and made me sink?
I thought you loved me, Mom.

I thought you cared,
I thought both you and Dad loved me,
But I guess there is something that you both share,
And that's killing me.

I'm just a little girl,
The age of four,
Now I'm out of this world,
And I'm an Angel flying above.

Why do you hate me?
Do you not love me any more?
Did you want to set me free?
Or was it something bad I did?

I had heard that toddlers - like me,
Get into tons of trouble,
But I assure you that I'm not as bad from what you've seen,
And I'm not much of a trouble-maker.

But can you ever forgive me of whatever I did wrong?
Because I don't think that this is good punishment,
I thought that we got along?
But I guess I was wrong about that.

The black bag floated up above the water line,
Police had found me when you were gone,
They said I wasn't fine,
They said I had died.

Please tell me that this isn't true,
Please say that I'm alright and loved,
Please tell me that it wasn't you,
I don't want to believe anything that they said.

Why Mommy?
Why'd you do this?
I thought you loved me,
I thought you'd do anything for me.

I watch from Heaven,
Seeing you hurt me,
I don't believe it,
I don't want to.

All this time you told me a lie,
The same lie you said every night and day,
I don't understand why,
Was it something I did?

Can you please bury me where you burried her?
Where I last saw an Angel?
Next to the grave of my sister?
When she also drowned.

But I guess the neighbors will,
Since you leave,
Leave to a place called Jail,
And I heard that nobody likes it.

Daddy went with you,
They said that you both will stay there forever,
God tells me it's true,
That you never loved me.

But he said that he has loved me,
He said that I'm safe with him,
Including with my sister whom has sinked,
But has now floated up.

I had heard a song called Little Girl and I wanted to dedicate this poem to any type of child that is up in Heaven. I wish there were no bad things, no crime, or anything. But the world is different... God bless all.
Andrew Bell 03 June 2012

Wow that was really amazing. My eyes welled up a little reading it. Well done with this one, it's one of my favourites.

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Alicia Meyers

Alicia Meyers

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