Drowning In Tears Of Sorrow Poem by Alicia Meyers

Drowning In Tears Of Sorrow

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Slipping away,
Drowning in tears of sorrow,
Laughing all day,
Until the end of tomorrows.

Crying alone,
Laughing with friends,
On a broken road,
Again and again.

Blames nothing but her own,
Cries herself to sleep,
With a horrible moan,
As she waits she counts sheep.

No one knows about this girl,
What world she lives on,
And how her story goes in this world,
Or what she's done.

She keeps her mouth shut,
And opens it when asked,
Some call her a mut,
Or a liar who's masked.

And once she gets home,
Her mom throws a fit,
She feels so alone,
As her mom beats her to bits.

Her dad died from a crash,
Her mom is the only one who she knows,
Her whole life is a mash,
As she never tells anyone what happens in her home.

Her friends are always with her,
Through thick and thin,
But she never tells them she's hurt,
Through her skin.

As each day goes by,
Life is the same,
She slowly dies,
And she believes she's the one to blame.

One day she's really hurt,
She finally died,
And takes away what her mother took from her,
And slowly cried.

But she's in a better place,
Where she's no longer hurt,
With God's grace,
As he explains he loves her.

Binish Cd 07 January 2012

seems to be coming from the inner soul...really a great expression of words...

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Rajendran Muthiah 09 January 2012

A brave girl crying alone but laughing with friends! When she died she took away what her mother had taken from her. Is it 'affection'? A calm, pathetic atmosphere the lines(words) make! A touching poem this is!

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Soulful Heart 08 February 2012

Poignant tale................well put forth...............

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Deep Mukherjee 15 January 2012

our sweetest poems are those which tell us of our saddest thoughts; i guess.........

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Ebi Robert 15 January 2012

this is one of the best poem i have ever read.

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Ebi Robert 15 January 2012

this is one of the best poem i have ever read.

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Edward Kofi Louis 10 January 2012

A very nice piece of work from your own experiences. Yes, one day, all will be well. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Alicia Meyers

Alicia Meyers

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