December Poem by Alicia Meyers


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Walking through the woods,
In the middle of December,
While snow was on the ground,
I remember.

I was wearing my red cape,
With my blue and white dress,
Once the fight began,
It was such a mess.

A wolf came my way,
As he grawled at my feet,
Until another wolf came,
And it looked like they had a whole pack for me to meet.

Most of them came to me and were nice,
But then another wolf pack came and started fighting,
It wasn't good so I ran,
But one wolf followed and started biting.

He snatched at me,
And made me bleed,
But before I could pass out,
Someone came to my plead.

The next thing I remember,
Was I woke up in a bed,
With a man by my side,
Saying I could have been dead.

If he didn't save me,
I don't know what I'd do,
I could have died,
Until he came to my rescue.

He had blonde hair,
And baby blue eyes,
His smile was amazing,
It was like flying through the skies.

I stayed at his place,
Until I felt better,
The next thing that happened,
Was that I will always remember.

One day I went down for breakfast,
He kissed me,
And said goodmorning,
And it was like he swept me off my feet.

He was like my knight and shining armor,
The man who saved my life,
And will be marrying me,
And I'll be his wife.

Walking through the woods,
In the middle of December,
With my husband,
Talking about the good things that we remember.

Unwritten Soul 12 January 2012

Nice poem, and it's look like a vampires series made by you hahahaha, it's is a good write, keep it up Alicia_Unwritten Soul

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Anhelica Velasquez 16 January 2012

nice write. i like it. seams your a real poet.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 16 January 2012

Walking through the woods, In the middle of December, With my husband, Talking about the good things that we remember... wolf did a trick, what could not be done by stick, you had fine pick, now enjoy lie and be not strict.. i enjoyed poem ////10

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Michaela A. 17 January 2012

such an amazing poem i love the love story twist that it results in :) and i hope you become an author too! i would really enjoy reading one of your books! you have great originality, i feel like a part of your poem when i read it...

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Ency Bearis 17 January 2012

Beautiful poem with the nice story, nice to remember in December

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Ashleigh Mellon 17 March 2012

this is a great peice, perfectly penned about the snow and harsh December, Man, I like your style, please read my poems of humanitarianism and faith, and Help me find the justice within for disabled and autisitic people like me.

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Okoye Charles Chukwudi 27 February 2012

Nice poem....great rhymes too. Interesting story line...keep it up

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Subodh Pandey 25 January 2012

a nice and beautifully portrayed write.

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Sylvia Carter 24 January 2012

AWWWW how beautiful is this a man who will step to the rescue and create a memorable moment with his future Good thing.

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John wake 22 January 2012

like the story in the poem, and the last line of pthe poem, overall poems is brillant

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