Crying Poem by Alicia Meyers


I'm crying sadness,
I'm crying fears,
I'm crying a heartach,
And wanting no tears.
I'm crying feelings,
The ones I don't tell,
I'm crying badly,
And wanting to go to hell.
I'm sad and depressed,
And feeling so sad,
I'm just not in the mood,
Or I'll get mad.
My tears aren't for jokes,
My tears aren't fake,
I want to sleep every hour,
And not wake.
I'm crying myself to sleep,
Every now and then,
I wish there was someone,
Someone who will be my friend.
Tears of sorrow,
Tears of being sad,
I won't get better,
It'll only get bad.

Amber Glistener 06 January 2012

Just beautiful the way you put it. I feel you, cause I get picked on a lot at school and my best friend in the whole world is moving five hours away in a couple of weeks. Your writing is so deep.

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Hope Anderson 19 December 2011

i feel your pain your not alone: +) this is really deep keep it up

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David Beckham 19 December 2011

It captures the emotions of a very sad state state of affairs. The tears I could feel trickle down through the pages of the poem. It stands very bold and loud in meaning. It is beautiful.10/10

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Alicia Meyers

Alicia Meyers

Greenville, South Carolina
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