Drug Dealers Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

Drug Dealers

Rating: 2.6

I do hate thee
and count the ways.
you hide inside
a toxic haze.

That rotten smell,
sound of your voice
your place is Hell,
you have no choice.

I must assume
that God can make
a witch with broom
and you, the flake.

But his intent?
It will not click,
who would invent
a drug-soaked prick?

Well, up in Heaven,
the two discuss,
each night at seven
the earthly fuss.

Satan and God
debate and choose,
and give the nod
to those who lose.

Thus God receives
repenting souls,
while Satan grieves
for ugly moles.

Will they decide
for gutter-creeps,
through whose thin hide
the badness seeps?

A low-life man
like you arrives,
whose evil plan
ruined many lives.

No one will cringe,
you'll plead in vain.
Take the syringe,
Scum Of Cocaine!

Of all the fools
a handful lack
those innate rules,
they won't come back.

The time will come
when D N A
of filth and scum
will have to pay.

each single cell,
that is your fate.
You won't make Hell.

Ulrike Gerbig 20 October 2005

although i have a hard time with poetry that rhymes (as you know, i guess) , i come to like the way you go about your subjects. well written. u.

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 19 October 2005

Very powerful.....need I say more? !

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Ernestine Northover 19 October 2005

There's a horrible truth there Herbert, such annihilation. Sincerely Ernestine

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Mary Nagy 19 October 2005

Very powerful poem Herbert! Too much truth in it...............very well done. Sincerely, Mary

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