Drunk Poem by Phil Soar


Rating: 4.3

She came in search of paradise,
And knocked upon my door,
She'd seen me in a local bar,
Lying on the floor,
She taken pity on my soul,
And drove me to my home,
She'd made sure I was safe and sound,
And wasn't left alone.

She left without me knowing,
And had gone to fetch my car,
With keys she found around the house,
I kept them in a jar,
She drove back from the local,
A trip through winding lanes,
She'd even cleaned the bathroom up,
Where I'd left lots of stains.

I woke to find this stranger,
Sitting by the pool,
With the radio playing some old song,
Relating to a fool,
She spoke with calm assurance,
Said 'morning, how do you feel',
I couldn't make her out at first,
And wondered, was she real.

She'd made herself so comfortable,
I guessed she was my wife,
And yet I don't remember,
If I'd known her all my life,
Her face was not familiar,
But then again, who's is,
When you've been rat-arsed down the pub,
And are usually three parts pissed! .

Monday, August 25, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: funny
Kinyua Karanja 23 September 2015

We have a saying in my community that says alcohol doesn't have a teacher any one who drink act awkward. Nice poem.

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Mohammad Skati 25 August 2014

It's a great poet in its pretty ideas.

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