Phil Soar Poems

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I must get onto Facebook,
And share my every whim;
Tell people when I've had a shit,
Or just been down the Gym;

A Winter Walk

A winter walk after a heartfelt Christmas day
No clouds, Blue sky adorn the sights along the way
The distant traffic noise, unwelcome harmony
Nothing but the sound of birds accompany me

If We Fail

Where the sea meets the shore and the sand wets the feet
Where rainfall is epic, and has flooded the street
When the wind blows so strongly, it uproots the trees
Nature can bring every day to its' knees

The Tree

I find it very hard to see
Why I grew up to be a tree
I grow my leaves and then they fall
I don't know why they grow at all

Open My Heart

Open my heart
Your name engraved there
Deep amongst the valves and mechanisms
Like something carved in oak


Redeem yourself, express yourself
do not leave stones unturned as you walk through life
and pace yourself
for the steps you take

Blackpool Memories

Neon lights across the promenade
A mile of flashing bulbs light up the town
It's Blackpool, where early memories were made
Though now I cannot stand its northern crown


She came in search of paradise,
And knocked upon my door,
She'd seen me in a local bar,
Lying on the floor,

A Farmers Tale

It felt a little awkward
As I lay upon the grass
Naked as my day of birth
The sun burning my ass


I submit myself to you for your imagination
without an explanation or submission
and make of me from these short words your own impression
you have my own acceptable permission

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