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I write as Ideas come to me. Nothing is ever as it seems and my poems are not necessarily about my life or my feelings. The words just come.
I am born under the sign of cancer and my ruling planet is the moon. My poems tend to ebb and flow with the lunar moons, and there is no common issue that I write about

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I must get onto Facebook,
And share my every whim;
Tell people when I've had a shit,
Or just been down the Gym;

A Winter Walk

A winter walk after a heartfelt Christmas day
No clouds, Blue sky adorn the sights along the way
The distant traffic noise, unwelcome harmony
Nothing but the sound of birds accompany me

If We Fail

Where the sea meets the shore and the sand wets the feet
Where rainfall is epic, and has flooded the street
When the wind blows so strongly, it uproots the trees
Nature can bring every day to its' knees

The Tree

I find it very hard to see
Why I grew up to be a tree
I grow my leaves and then they fall
I don't know why they grow at all

Open My Heart

Open my heart
Your name engraved there
Deep amongst the valves and mechanisms
Like something carved in oak

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 October 2020

Phil Soar is very amazing, talented and excellent poet of this age. He writes poems on various topics. Starting from, 'Winter Wink.' to 'Expression.' his poems are full of amazing essence. I have read and reviewed his poems with great satisfaction. I am wishing him all the best! May God bring happiness for him!

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Sumit Ganguly 02 January 2017

Happy New Dynamic Year. Enjoyed all of your poems posted on the 1st day of the year, especially the 'Christmas......', 'Farmyard Antics', My Postman' and this one.

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