Drunk Again Poem by tinashe severa

Drunk Again

Over the edge, tonight im flipping a new page,
the barman looks like a bird, i can swear he's flying,
a toothless old lady grins at me...or is he laughing at me,
my eyes feel heavy and my visions gone blurry,
i walk up to her and ask her for her name,

'Marita' she says as she winks to her friends,
they all look old, their skin as wrinkled as an elephant's,
they offer me a drink and ask me to sit down,
i fall off the stool and they all erupt into croaky laughter,
my lips crack, blood trickles down and stains my shirt,
i try to cry, but only mange to choke on my blood,

i cough and sputter out one of my front teeth,
the old women just stare at me, all as still as rocks,
somehow i manage to get up, and stumble onto the stool,
it rocks back, rocks forward....
the barman grabs it, and asks if i need a cab,
i laugh in his face and ask him for another lager,
he hesitants, looks at me, sighs dejectedly and pours me another,
i give him a $100 000 note and tell him to keep the change,
he doesn't hesitate...he throws my lager onto the table and quickly leaves before i can change my mind,

Marita wipes the blood from my mouth, and playfully slaps my cheeks,
she asks me if i like the song that's playing,
i cant hear any song playing... i just nod my head,
Marita places the glass in my hand,
it begins to expand in my hand, getting heavier by the second,
the pain throbs through me, but im afraid of putting my beloved glass down,
the drink bubbles as the foam recides,
the bubbles look like miniature stars, twinkling on and off,
...still maintaining a glow that illuminates my whole being

the drink reminds me of the lonely nights i have spent looking at the skies above,
the more i stared at the skies, the more i tried to decrypt them,
the less i actually saw of them, and the more confused i got about their workings

Marita pinches my thighs and tries to kiss me,
our lips make contact, but mine remain frozen shut,
everything around me seems to be moving in slow motion,
i open my lips to her, but she's already stood up,
i grab her by the hip, and grapple for her breast,
i pull her closer to me, kissing her neck,
she screams and slaps me across the ear,
the barman charges for me,

i pass out

over the edge tonight im flipping a new page,
a taxi whirls past me, blowing its hooter,
the driver curses at me...tells me to go home,
i run after the car, my feet fail me
i wish i could have told him that i no longer have a home,
..maybe he could have taken me to his....

my coat feels heavy, i take it off and throw it onto the curb,
a street urchin looks at me, calls out to me,
i stand still, completely petrified as he walks over to where im standing,
i empty out my trouser pockets onto the sidewalk, and tell him to take it all,
he spits at me, tells me to get off his land,
a shiny object in his hand catches my eye... he swings back

i pass out

Tinashe Mupedzapasi 07 August 2017

its a nic poem i like it loh

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