Justice Stands Still Poem by tinashe severa

Justice Stands Still

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When justice stands still
only the fool hearted,
will contemplate pursuing even the most just of causes,
when justice stands still,
the brave only will seek retribution
for sins committed against them and their kinsman,
can any gleamse of sovereignty exist
where justice takes a tea break,
and when justice decides to stand still
will any sanity prevail,
where justice once stood still,
can any unity ever be restored

once upon a time the jews were slandered and abused
but they had the courage to stand up and refuse,
when justice stands still,
the supposed saviours become the enslavers,
who then will stand up to refuse for the people
when justice stands still,
the law makers become peace detractors,
creating laws meant not to ensure harmony,
but to bring woo to the masses,
when justice stands still,
they will seek to devour,
those they once vowed to protect,
justice stands still,
the eleventh plague,
not just a biblical fantasy,
but a present reality

Karie Tyler 10 February 2008

I absoulutly Love this so true and so to the point only if people knew

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Phinda Mkhonta 29 September 2007

Justice will stand for ever and i hope you will preach pure justice there in Zimbabwe.

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tinashe severa

tinashe severa

harare, zimbabwe
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