tinashe severa

Rookie (11/01/86 / harare, zimbabwe)

tinashe severa Poems

1. Eternities Yard 10/29/2005
2. The Wind Blows 10/29/2005
3. My Dreams Pain Me So 3/8/2006
4. In The World Of The Blind 4/2/2006
5. When You Do Choose To Love Me 4/2/2006
6. We All Knew Her 4/2/2006
7. He Speaks 4/2/2006
8. The Sun 4/2/2006
9. Shall We Or..Should We Have 11/1/2005
10. The Saints 4/2/2006
11. Crystal Clear 4/8/2006
12. Born Free 4/8/2006
13. The Interview 4/8/2006
14. The Crowd In The Street 8/22/2006
15. Late By The Bus Stop 2/16/2007
16. The Little Devil`s Trip 2/16/2007
17. Two Old Men 2/16/2007
18. I Am Afraid 2/16/2007
19. The Protestant Church Of The Old Tabernacle 3/19/2007
20. Mental Fornication 9/1/2007
21. Lost 9/1/2007
22. The Last Supper 9/1/2007
23. Wishing For A Song 8/20/2009
24. Alone But Not Lonely 4/8/2006
25. She Came To Me 11/12/2005
26. The Big People 10/29/2005
27. Drunk Again 3/19/2007
28. I Wish I Had Been There 10/29/2005
29. The Old Mans Curse 8/22/2006
30. The Love Of A Beautiful Woman 10/29/2005
31. Anguish, Pain, Misery, Sorrow And Retribution 4/2/2006
32. Justice Stands Still 4/4/2006

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Justice Stands Still

When justice stands still
only the fool hearted,
will contemplate pursuing even the most just of causes,
when justice stands still,
the brave only will seek retribution
for sins committed against them and their kinsman,
can any gleamse of sovereignty exist
where justice takes a tea break,
and when justice decides to stand still
will any sanity prevail,
where justice once stood still,
can any unity ever be restored

once upon a time the jews were slandered and abused
but they had the courage to stand up and refuse,
when justice stands ...

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The Big People

the land of the big people
my land
had greatness thrust upon her once
but that was a long time ago and the big people then already had eyes that saw not

my land
the land were uneducated black workers
sweat endlessly under the african sun
buliding ice-skating rings for the big people

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