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When justice stands still
only the fool hearted,
will contemplate pursuing even the most just of causes,
when justice stands still,

Some say life is full of anguish,
old man once sang that life is full of pain
some even preach that life comes fully laced with misery and sorrow,
and some believe that life offers no retribution

A beautiful woman
before your eyes may seem fine
her aura as intoxicating as wine
within her

I wish i had been there,
wish i had seen it all,
...sailed among them,
...seen them crack up,

Where the sun meets the moon
is where i lay now waiting for your doom
its been more than a year
and as even the wind knows, life to me was never more fair

Over the edge, tonight im flipping a new page,
the barman looks like a bird, i can swear he's flying,
a toothless old lady grins at me...or is he laughing at me,
my eyes feel heavy and my visions gone blurry,

the land of the big people
my land
had greatness thrust upon her once
but that was a long time ago and the big people then already had eyes that saw not

Heart hardened, soul purified,
like desert sands i have fought worldly rain,
torchered and scarred, through it all i felt no pain,
floating along like a msasa leaf in wales,

She came to me,
her hair blazing with fire,
she tenderly kissed my neck,
promised me that our love would never tire,

They pain me so
dreams of myself walking through lands
in my youth i never saw,
places my mind has never known,

In the world of the blind
streams flow and roses grow
In the world of the blind
lions roar and fires smould

When you do choose to love me
love me not like your dear life
but as your wife
for life ends only in death

we all knew her name,
..we all knew her fame,
yet we all loved her just the same,
the brothers at the local pub bore he no shame,

He speaks, they all hear but no one listens
he points his guns at them , they all bow before him but no one respects him,
he smiles at the camera, they all stare at him on TV, but no one sees him,
he laughs with them at cocktail parties, they all smile back, but no one likes him,

The sun rises first before those who stand before it
it wilts those who try to rise too high before it
it is only those who rise before it
that know that it rises

Into eternities yard, some wont go
in my path, all will tread
fear not today,
I'm always at a beckons call,

The wind blows
the leaves rustle
still..the mill of justice churns slowly
..too slowly

Her thoughts and ways are pure as rain, crystal clear,
to his heart she truly is dear,
blinded to this none are,
yet from him she remains too far,

Post war babies, children of black rule
pick on both sides of the cake turned stale bread,
thoughts unpredictable, unstable, aliens in their own mother land
they know nothing about this world, neither do you

So you want to be a big person,
have you ever told the truth,
how good a thief are you ,
what is the best way to steal from a beggars plate,

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one of zimbabwe`s most promising short story writers, novelist and Poet.He comes across mostly a comical writer along the lines of Ata Ama Aidoo, but he is a strong social commentator.I was suprised when i first met the young man sometime in 2004 at the book cafe in harare, all along i thought he was in his mid 30`s, considering the subject matters of most of his work.He`s now barely in his 20`s but he writes with the same confidence and forcefulness of a much seasoned writer.Currently he is an accounting student at Africa university, in Mutare.)

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Justice Stands Still

When justice stands still
only the fool hearted,
will contemplate pursuing even the most just of causes,
when justice stands still,
the brave only will seek retribution
for sins committed against them and their kinsman,
can any gleamse of sovereignty exist
where justice takes a tea break,
and when justice decides to stand still
will any sanity prevail,
where justice once stood still,
can any unity ever be restored

once upon a time the jews were slandered and abused
but they had the courage to stand up and refuse,
when justice stands still,
the supposed saviours become the enslavers,
who then will stand up to refuse for the people
when justice stands still,
the law makers become peace detractors,
creating laws meant not to ensure harmony,
but to bring woo to the masses,
when justice stands still,
they will seek to devour,
those they once vowed to protect,
justice stands still,
the eleventh plague,
not just a biblical fantasy,
but a present reality

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