Dua Is A Part Of Worsipping Poem by Rhymer Rhymer

Dua Is A Part Of Worsipping

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And your master has said
You ask for something to me
I will grant it
Be sure that those who want to show their pride
By not making supplication to me
They must face harassment to enter the hell
((sura moomin/60)

I am near of you
I grant your prayers
When you pray to me
((sura baqara/186)

Expressing self reproach
Pray to your Lord
Weeping in silence by Lowering your Head"
((sura araaf/55)

One who supplicate
Allah opens the Gate of Rahmat/blessing for him
To Allah the best supplication from his Servant is
Asking of blessing for life of this World and Hereafter
((hadis tirmiji shorif)

so must i make dua!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: prayer
Sylvia Frances Chan 12 May 2018

A small Note added here: I revisit your poem to inform you that the word Rahmat means Blessing too in the Indonesian language, which is my second language after Dutch. Thank you that I may add this small note of me.

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Rus Mer 12 May 2018

YOU are so brilliantly doing and speaking dear great of HEART

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Sylvia Frances Chan 10 May 2018

Thank you so much for this Explaining Poem about Praying the DUA is A Part Of Worshipping. WORSHIPPING is the most important in life what we must do to God, to Allah, and in my belief we are free to our will to pray, BUT OF we do not pray, Allah cannot hear us. Dear Poet I have enjoyed very much your faschinating poem. Thank you for sharing. A 10+++++++++++++ for the Vote.

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error OF must be IF, thank you

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Rus Mer 10 May 2018

thanks a lot for your valuable comments

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Robert Murray Smith 09 May 2018

Your beliefs are embedded in your poem.

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Rus Mer 09 May 2018

thanks a lot for your observation

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Rhymer Rhymer

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