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We are Bangladeshi
we are a South Asian Country
It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world
We have six seasons but fours are felt the most

The eye of your mind doesn't open
Coz you avoid the main principle of creation
In the principle of creation all creatures are interrelated
Air has life

জিকির জেহাদ, দান খয়রাত এসব থেকেও উত্তম
এটা অন্তর শান্তিতে ভরপুর করেঃ
"আ'লা বি জিক্রিল্লাহি তা'আত মাইনুল কুলুব"
এটা কাল্ব কে অপবিত্রতা থেকে পরিষ্কার করে পবিত্র করেঃ

Waiter like service in the Family!
Integrity is in the Character!
Faithful to all!

And your master has said
You ask for something to me
I will grant it
Be sure that those who want to show their pride

Our monsoon is outstanding for naturality
the frogs croak all the days and nights in the rain
the air is chilly moistered and people are seen with umbrella
sometimes it is raining hard and sometimes drizzles the whole day

a traveler of the LOVE LAND
a traveler of the Music Band
a traveler of the Aromatic Land
a traveler of the Garden of Eden

i kudn't talk to her
for these long two scores
hairs are growing grey
may be once no more

*কাল ব লতিফা পাক সাফ হলে আধ্যাত্মিক দৃষ্টিশক্তি খুলে যায়
এ লতিফায় হাজ্রত আদম আঃ এর কদম মুবারক থেকে তাউবাহ ফায়েজ অর্জিত হবে
তাউবাহ ফায়েজ অর্জিত হলে সকল গুনাহ মাফ হবে, গুপ্ত গুনাহ গুপ্ত ভাবেই মাফ হবে
এর থেকে সুন্দর পাবার আর কি আছে

what is woswosa?
Bad instigation of ego (nafs)and the words of Shaytan that create bad thoughts in the mind and good thoughts of the mind is called Ilhum!
How they enter?
A kind is called hajis when they enter unmindfully! it is sinless to all.When such whisper increases and worries you is called khatir and it is also sinless for ummah.If they take permanent seat and increase worry by giving a certain kind of love and taste is called Humm! and when such feeling occur no sin is forgiving to this ummah.A certain of the sort that couldn't be eliminated is called Ajm! It is the order of the nafs/ego that he compels to do.In this situation the mind doesn't feel hatred or unwillingness for it.When it is materialized then is sinning but when in imagination only; it gives little sin in the record!

time and tide wait for none
once time lost is lost forever
বড় অবাক করা জিনিস এই সময়
মুহূর্ত মুহূর্ত করে বয়ে যাচ্ছে

মুখের কথা আর অন্তরের ইচ্ছা যার আলাদা
তাই আত্তবিশ্লেষন করে নিজেকেই ঠিক করতে হবে

হিন্দুদের ধারণা যুগে যুগে পরমেশর আবির্ভূত হন
তাঁকে তারা বিষ্ণুর অবতার মনে করে পুজা করে
ইসলামী আইন/শরিয়ত এক আল্লাহর সামনে মাথা নত করতে বলে
আল্লাহ ছাড়া কাওকে সিজদাহ করা যাবে না

plain people are as plain as water
it takes the form of a container
but twisting people are as screw
they can't enter every thing

there are some nocturnal birds
there are some nocturnal man
he who needs is different
the whole night pass with the cards

noble thoughts
come from noble hearts
for the salvation of all souls

she and i ate the same food
she and i slept on the same cot
she and i have the same dress
she and i keep same opinion

Then give the soul to me oh follower
Slumber needs to be controlled
Food needs to be less necessarily
Make lesser sex with the mate

there is only onetime that is important
there is only onetime that is now
there is only onetime that is important is now
there is the only onetime when we have power:


love is hidden in the chest
none can show that
the lovers of Allah love Allah
in hidden

Rhymer Rhymer Biography

" for his slave Allah is deep stream of joy For Allah the slaves are also matter of deep feeling" So a crazy bard sings to fashion his separation: " I didn't know what love is Its Master you who taught me LOVE Why do you leave my LOVE" you don't know your lawyer then why loiter at the court and he is a super soul but having body like you you have eyes ears nose mouth and knowledge but you don't know him and you have prestigious scholarships this scholarly knowledge has made you proud a proud can never ever see the TRUTH you have memorized lines after lines of references what a pride it is but the inner eye is shut and blind of my ummat the alims/scholars will be the first group for hell and those who are only proud of their ilm/knowledge they are bearer of only ilm i jahir that's why my Lawyer learn the worldly knowledge and learnt and taught the knowledge of heart the knowledge of heart is the knowledge of seeing the TRUTH and this knowledge is not in black and white writing fire on the paper doesn't burn the fire the truth is in-front of you and inside of you too as you are blind how you can see turn on the lamp of mind open the eye of mind everyone sees allah as per his status and he whose window of the mind is shut he is blind And one who thinks of me like i am alike his thought the condition is jikir/remembrance and meditation ask forgiveness to him and rush to him throwing away all remembrance is like the sign of GREAT LIFE And Allah is deep stream of JOY for his slave! ! ??????? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ????...?)

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Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...4...

We are Bangladeshi
we are a South Asian Country
It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world
We have six seasons but fours are felt the most
We enjoy Summer for juicy fruits
We enjoy winter for cakes, oranges and date juices
We enjoy Monsoon for jackfruits and journey by boats
We enjoy Autumn for shefali flower and Palms
We enjoy Late Autumn by harvesting crops
We enjoy Spring for flowers in the mango orchard and observing the new Bangla Year
Our great Sea is the Bay of Bengal to the South
We get huge fishes from the sea too
The People of the Southern Districts live fighting with tidal upsurges or cyclone or the same

(pic/the sun))

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even in the PRAYER house you take the mobile phones but it is that you have come to remember and asking forgiveness to him...for god's sake throw away the phones and be resolute what you say to your master and remember him with sincerity and discipline..spare a few real moments for real cause.. soon you will be at a loss! !

we'll have to answer to GOD for what we do good people pass the ring quickly but arrogant will be caught in a ring you have to pass in the hereafter! !

without having the mentality of purifying yourself how you dare to go to the mosque/ other prayer house!

you cannot increase or decrease your quality. it can strong or weak for health. quality is god gifted matter. you can sharpen it by taking help of others. teachers are guide to sharpen your quality. you can try to but all you cannot achieve.

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