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Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...4...

We are Bangladeshi
we are a South Asian Country
It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world
We have six seasons but fours are felt the most

Why My Mind Door Doesn't Open

The eye of your mind doesn't open
Coz you avoid the main principle of creation
In the principle of creation all creatures are interrelated
Air has life

জিকির জেহাদ, দান খয়রাত এসব থেকেও উত্তম
এটা অন্তর শান্তিতে ভরপুর করেঃ
"আ'লা বি জিক্রিল্লাহি তা'আত মাইনুল কুলুব"
এটা কাল্ব কে অপবিত্রতা থেকে পরিষ্কার করে পবিত্র করেঃ

Every Time She's New As If Apple Like Hew! !

Waiter like service in the Family!
Integrity is in the Character!
Faithful to all!

Dua Is A Part Of Worsipping

And your master has said
You ask for something to me
I will grant it
Be sure that those who want to show their pride

Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...2...

Our monsoon is outstanding for naturality
the frogs croak all the days and nights in the rain
the air is chilly moistered and people are seen with umbrella
sometimes it is raining hard and sometimes drizzles the whole day

Lover Traveler Needs No Visa

a traveler of the LOVE LAND
a traveler of the Music Band
a traveler of the Aromatic Land
a traveler of the Garden of Eden

These Long Two Scores

i kudn't talk to her
for these long two scores
hairs are growing grey
may be once no more

*কাল ব লতিফা পাক সাফ হলে আধ্যাত্মিক দৃষ্টিশক্তি খুলে যায়
এ লতিফায় হাজ্রত আদম আঃ এর কদম মুবারক থেকে তাউবাহ ফায়েজ অর্জিত হবে
তাউবাহ ফায়েজ অর্জিত হলে সকল গুনাহ মাফ হবে, গুপ্ত গুনাহ গুপ্ত ভাবেই মাফ হবে
এর থেকে সুন্দর পাবার আর কি আছে

One Is The Devil And Other Is Your Ego!

what is woswosa?
Bad instigation of ego (nafs)and the words of Shaytan that create bad thoughts in the mind and good thoughts of the mind is called Ilhum!
How they enter?
A kind is called hajis when they enter unmindfully! it is sinless to all.When such whisper increases and worries you is called khatir and it is also sinless for ummah.If they take permanent seat and increase worry by giving a certain kind of love and taste is called Humm! and when such feeling occur no sin is forgiving to this ummah.A certain of the sort that couldn't be eliminated is called Ajm! It is the order of the nafs/ego that he compels to do.In this situation the mind doesn't feel hatred or unwillingness for it.When it is materialized then is sinning but when in imagination only; it gives little sin in the record!

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