He looked about fifteen,
leaving slovenly against the
wall of the local post office;
Eyes showing the animation
of a dead fish.

His face errupting with zits of
various sizes and colours, and
teeth I'd rather not describe.

Attired in the fashion of the day;
Long shorts with crotch nearly
touching the ground - topped off
with a once white T-shirt, USA
emblazoned front and back.

Curiosity made me ask the question.
'Are you American? ' He looked at me
blankly so I asked again. This time I got
his erudite answer - 'duh? '

Ashley S 04 June 2007

FANTASTIC! A sign o' the times poem dealing with the 'yoots' of America. I love what you brought to this poem, Jerry. You bring a very nice young, fresh vibe to poetry, and we can use it! :) Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo Ashley

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Kimberly Kastner 31 January 2009

Yeah, great imagery and funny ending, too.: -)

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Alison Cassidy 05 June 2007

And would you believe it, this man's destined to become our Prime MInister one day... The mind boggles. Great descriptive piece written with flare. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Who's Erwhatsit 04 June 2007

great visuals, and funny too! ! : -) DK

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Yep! Someone had to say it.... but would not have done as eruditely as you. t x

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Linda Ori 04 June 2007

Doesn't speak well for the rest of Americans, but you see alot of these kind everywhere nowadays. A product of the 'meth' generation, perhaps? You describe him perfectly, right down to the attitude. Well done, Jer! Linda

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