Easter Sacrifices Poem by Alexander Raju

Easter Sacrifices

Today is the Eve of Easter; this year
The Ethiopian Easter comes together
With the international one, a rare news;
It was the previous day the wicked Jews
Sacrificed Jesus to save their religion,
But he to resurrect as Judea's Lion!
It's night; I hear the moos and lows of kine,
And the bleating of goats and sheep in line,
They all be sacrificed in Ethiopia,
To save Christian faith and their Egzabhier!

I hear cries and sobs of people helpless
Men, women and children, the believers,
They all be sacrificed in Syria
To save a Muslim cult and their Allah!
I hear the wailings of human beings,
Who ate animal flesh to quench their hunger,
They all be sacrificed in great India
By the fanatics of mother-cow cult,
To save a Hindu wing and their Easwar;
The funny custodians of God the Great!

Could these poor beasts and people sacrificed
Resurrect on the third day like Jesus?
Could the panoptic God be truly deaf
To these heart-breaking bleats and wails?
‘Eat the flesh of the slaughtered, and your sin
Will be pardoned', that's the native saying!
If so, these psychopaths who sacrifice
Human beings for cults are cannibals;
They surreptitiously consume the flesh
Of those hapless victims of their black creed!

(Ebzabhier (Geeze) , Allah (Arabic) and Easwar (Sanskrit) are synonyms for God. - Poet. The poem was written on 15th evening, April,2017))

Monday, April 17, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: terrorism
Liza Sudina 17 April 2017

Christ is risen! and all are alive in God! and victims of the beasts too.

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