Eavesdropping Poem by Katharine Lee Bates


Rating: 2.9

THOUGH the winds but stir on their hoary thrones
Of hemlock and pungent pine,
All the whispering woodland tones
Gossip of things divine, —
Why God is gray in the granite rock,
And green in the lichen flake,
And swift in the darting swallow-flock,
And slow in the lapping lake;
Why God is sweet in the hermit-thrush,
And hoarse in the frog; and why
His touch on the bee is golden plush,
And gauze on the stinging fly;
Why God is life in the mushroom there,
And death in the toadstool here;
Mirth in the dancing maidenhair;
In its hidden adder, fear.
Oh, if this berry that stains my lip
Could teach me the woodland chat,
Science would bow to my scholarship,
And Theology doff the hat.

Sylvia Frances Chan 07 May 2023

This is a thought provoking song, why song? Since this poem is a highly artistic creation, the reader can hear the tune, as soon as we read we can hear the melody, we can dance to the tune, a most beautiful melody,

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Savita Tyagi 09 March 2015

Wonderful! We can enjoy this world with out questioning all that nature offers us to see, hear, touch, use and enjoy.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 09 March 2015

People get enjoyment without caring the meaning of the world nice poem

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