Echo And Narcissus Poem by Captain Cur

Echo And Narcissus

Beautiful Narcissus,
From a steed of golden white I heard thy trumpet blow
sounding through the woods and streams while hunting far from home,
calling to the depths of love, a love I thought I knew,
running toward thy mighty arms just vain self-pride was shown.
Quiet lakes may mirror thee, thine eyes of thunder blue,
what small peace my troth could bring self-love has overthrown.

Narcissus replies:

Pain me not this summer's eve with thy shadow words
thou pines and wails and clucks like a wounded bird.
If my trumpet sounds of love those notes to be unheard,
there is nothing here for me, thine arms are not received!
Riding through these lowly lands my handsome features weave,
did thou know at every town every heart is stirred?
Do not smile or glance at me repeating my own words
in the waters of the lake my love of self achieved.

Beautiful Narcissus,
thy mighty form lies cold and weak on the snowy sand
I come at night to keep thee warm and hold thy trembling hand.
The stallion wanders aimlessly thy horn drags at his feet,
it will never sound again! Please take this bread and eat!

Lovely Echo,
with my death I break thy curse; say now what thou please,
life is drifting fast from me help me to my knees,
thy purest heart has cured me roused me from this dream
in the mirror of thy tears my love for thee achieved.

Sunday, July 29, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: mythology,story
In Greek mythology Echo is a nymph
who fell in love with Narcissus.
In an effort to protect Zeus
Echo was cursed by Hera,
now she can only repeat
the last words spoken to her.
Me Poet Yeps Poet 31 July 2018

new i composed on narcissistic folks did u read it do please

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Kostas Lagos 30 July 2018

Magical writing! Really impressive!

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