Effect Of Love Of A Beauty Is Romance In Reality Endless! Poem by Ramesh T A

Effect Of Love Of A Beauty Is Romance In Reality Endless!

A love of beauty is the significant ingredient in the making of an artist;
Beauty is what artist always sees in everything to create beautiful art work;
Constant thoughts on beauty brings beautiful dreams to enjoy in life long!

Dear ones he loves are bright beauties he harnesses as models in all expressions;
Expressions of divine beauty is based on visions one has from such intimate ones;
Face with bright, fair complexion appealing to one's heart starts with red lips!

Great appealing personality of a beauty is a combination of white and red ever;
High personality of a person attracts immediately by such colour combination sure;
In all situations, such a beauty is changeless to create attractive impression...!

Joyful smile captures all hearts to follow such a beauty despite all problems;
Kiss of such a beauty is really a matter of heaven condescending to earthly state;
Love and beauty in combination kindle sensuous thoughts leading to romance in life!

Many an encounter with such a lovely beauty blooms love between two souls unknown;
No one can escape from such a magic that fosters love attracted by beauty so lovely;
Open love of beauty gives approval to a fortunate one by a smile miraculous in life!

Persons in love with such beauty never see situation or circumstance for union ever;
Queen of love a beauty is to one who has deep loyalty towards such a wholesome soul;
Resting on dreams of love with such a beauty days go unnoticed by years and decades!

Stimulation of love by kind beauty of a lady absorbs whole soul of one so high ever
That one feels life is a romantic dream to enjoy throughout one's lifetime so sure...!
Unique spell of love by beauty so wonderful that one feels angel is one's life partner!

Various colourful attire of such a beauty polishes the brightness of a diamond sure;
Wonder of heaven and paradise one feels within reach if such a beauty is one's love;
X any Y seems to be elevated to top of the world forever being in company with beauty!

Yearnings of love flared up by beauty alive ever is such that one becomes super hero;
Zeal of such a super lover of beauty creates all one's artist works as masterpieces!

Ramesh T A

Ramesh T A

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
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