Embrace Me Poem by Riza Braholli

Embrace Me

Embrace me

Tonight embrace me in your arms;
On lips carnations have come into lay,
Ne'er forget, for again won't come
The fire of Moon that's in the way.

You mustn't forget, it is your night,
As well as mine, it is you know;
Hot southern wind blowing tonight
The ember of stars is high and low.

The night is burning all over the place,
Embrace me dear, do embrace...!

Translation from Albanian into English
By Alfred Kola
Korçë, July 2nd 2018

Monday, July 2, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Me Poet Yeps Poet 09 July 2018

i just a while ago posted GREEN DOORS hope you will like it so it speaks - - may be in similar veins thanks dr RIZA

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Riza Braholli 23 July 2018

poet poet I read your poem and you are right... are artistic motifs that come from the way of thinking and perpetuating the life of nature in the same way. I WILL CONTINUE TO READ YOUR POET

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Aqua Flower 02 July 2018

Ever-flowing and soothing as I read each line. A romantic write. Very nice!

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Riza Braholli 03 July 2018

Aqua your koment is a privileg for me

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