End Racism Poem by Robert M Hensel

End Racism

Rating: 3.4

We all must bring our
Racism to end.
A message to all, I long to send.
The colors of the world,
All join as one.
For the Lord is our shepherd,
And we as his son.
Christ made all man in the
Likes of him.
So please let us all, "End Racism".

Mallory Speyrer 03 April 2008

A really hopeful poem. If only rascism could be done away with. Maybe after that we could rid of sexism as well. Putting 'man' in the poem seems a little too sexist for me. Besides that the poem is great.

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X X 28 January 2008

quite good bu you refer to man and not woman: S

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Linda Weischedel 09 September 2007

If only your poem could be. We need for this racism to end. Great write for sure. Always, Linda

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A dude 28 May 2018

Bruh, This is just saying to become christian lol

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Common man 27 December 2017

Hahaha.....The title is To End Racism...written by a Christian Race....

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Anonymous 07 January 2021

Thank you so much for this poem. This is a wonderful poem! Great Job! !

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Just great it's like wow I love mostly because it has the Lord in it and racism tgertger

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Amazing poems #LOVE it

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Disguised singer 02 June 2020

No offence but people have diff beleives but i dont get how the christ and sheperds and them stuff relate to racism im sorry i f i offended u

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Lovelyn 29 January 2020

Okay but short

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