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Don't think for one minute I don't miss you,
because you know Momma,
I truly do.

You can manage being Bipolar,
I am a very high-functioning Bipolar because I work hard to be...
as they say normal.
What the hell is normally anyway...especially in this day and age,

Yes there are many fish out in the sea,
but why can't I find one that will
best suit me,
well, I mean the fish in the sea are free,

By being patient,
We are making our sluggish hearts accelerate to
a speed they have never, ever reached before,
my charming smile, your deep sexy voice is allowing us

Viewing our world as one nation,
I see it is suffering from broken communication,
for we're always plagued by anticipation.

I'm doing really good without you being here,
with the Lord being my judge I truly wish you were near,
I'm doing my best to keep up and maintain
your jovial cheer.

I love almost everything about you,
this is because I am a perfectionist and your not,
it drives me crazy when you don't take the time to clean out
the coffee pot.

This is meant to HELP educate others.
It is not easy at all having a Mental Disorder,
with a lot of hard work it can be stablized...

I wonder what it's gonna be like to
see you,
I wonder how I will react,
I wonder what I will do,

I wrote this in July of 2007 when my Mom, who was also
my Best friend passed away.
My nickname for her was: Rufus.

Your heart is your best friend,
it let's you know where the road starts
and where it should end.


I spend a majority of time thinking of you,
actually thinking of us two,
and the different things together you and I can do.

You may not think you're handsome
but I do,
you're thoughts and emotions are refreshingly new,
you're words I find to be honest, sincere,

Right now I am hurting so bad,
this inner loss is making me feel so very sad,
the happiness in your voice made me ever so glad,
yet flipping to the other side of the coin

Ever notice how some people want to see
you the way
THEY want you to be,
taking a closer look at me,

It will soon be a year that you have held
my heart in your one single hand,
you've needed to hear my loving words,
for your lonely heart craves them in demand,

I know It's not that you found someone new,
though why won't you accept a heart that is ever so true,
are you afraid of my love,
or by me being the woman who can look into

I wrote this the understanding of Cheaters who actually convince themself that they did nothing wrong when they have cheated on a 'Mate'. I know this to be a fact 110%, not my doing though.
The truly believe that they ARE telling the truth, when they are lying thru their teeth. Amaaaaazing! Geeez!

You made such an honest attempt to explain

Linda I. Weischedel Biography

I love to read and write poetry. I especially enjoy reading 'ordinary' people's work as in, those who write from their heart. Famous poets are their work are nice to read, but the talents of an ordinary person's work fascinates me far much more. I have been writing poems since 3rd grade, they weren't the greatest, but to me they were! LOL I just love to rhyme words together. I absolutely love to sing, when I say I sing all the time, that is what I do, all day! LOL I enjoy putting the lyrics to the songs I write. It is such a good feeling when someone takes the time to tell me that they can honestly relate to the poems, and the lyrics I write. It may sound kinda corny, but it feels like part stardom, within my soul. I've have been channeling my thoughts and emotions thru poetry for a very long while now. It's very good for my mind, heart, and soul. It truly helps me cope and get thru the hardships in my life. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about Linda.)

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{{ 1-800 Number 2 Heaven }}

Don't think for one minute I don't miss you,
because you know Momma,
I truly do.

I look at your picture and just stare,
knowing that I am here and you are up there,
my world seems so desolate, boring, and bare,
no other up and coming friendship will never ever have
the chance to compare.

Many times within the day I fight off being sad,
I focus and remember all the outstanding
fun times you and I had,
you completed so many thoughtful gestures
that sure made me awfully glad,
are you happy to be reunited with Daddy,
and your Mom and Dad?

The holidays just aren't the same,
I suppose they never will be,
if there was an 1-800 number to heaven,
you'd surely be getting a call everyday from me.

I love and miss you dearly Mom,
your little girl,

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Denise Sbar 15 November 2007

Peace be still! This is a beautiful piece Linda. I know few people who are living this nightmare. My heart goes out to you for your struggle. I'll keep you in my prayers. Thank you for sharing.

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