Enticing Poem by Soumili Karmakar


At dawn, I walk towards the flower field ;
To praise the blest sun rising at East.
Two beautiful elements are entitled here,
The one I saw in the golden rays, Wrapped near the bow by the glimpse of the shining sun.

At twelve, a shadow appears every day ;
Casting one's eternity on the light shade of the turquoise bay ,
Showers of the sun glitters upon us
Why don't you see ?
You are worthy of this incomparable field of jilted love ,
That you accepted as worse,
after years of flowing tears .

I wrote a song , I sang it too,
But you wouldn't have known,
As I didn't had the courage to share it with you.

Lessons , I learnt in my university ;
To start any answer with a pure introduction of the past history,
And to end with an honest conclusion of mine own simplicity .
Placing the words of the former before ,
Making the latter feel a little warmer aside the gentle sea shore .
They said , ordinary incidents are extraordinary in my poems .
Who shall tell them: it is a vain attempt to hide from a poet's eyes ?
Who shall tell them: I knew them before their broken ties of lies ?

Call me strange , call me hopeless .
But this is who I am ,
Where I conclude none is worthless .
Even the snow waits for every December ,
Just to fall on the countless leaves
until our heart vividly remembers .

A song being sung , since ages before rosy sprung
As the birds were singing in tales of the old folklore .
Starting with a single verse ,
And returning impeccably with a reverse for seeking robust .

I'm filling up the dots ,
The tiny piece of the puzzle being found beyond .
Won't you ask , " Who lied on the earthen ground? "
Won't you ask the triumphant, " Why are you marching aloud? "

At night , the shadow disappears ;
Fixing the lanterns of hope for my only dear ,
The moon shines , and the earth is brightened.
The fireflies are flying in the air , making us whirl on their fairy Island .
Thus , I write about them being enlightened.
I shall take you there , as my heart envisaged
You shall hold my hand being enchanted .

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